Magic Corn – Corn in a cup

Hot & Juicy Magic Corn

We pride ourselves by safe guarding the natural healthy balance of the environment by securing our product with corn, grown under our own roof ensuring that it is free from all artificial contamination. We have also not failed to realize the powerful impact of pollution, and therefore have all snacks that are provided be served in a disposable cup along with a spoon to ensure a less messy, and fun filled journey of taste. No more sticky fingers or hunting for wipes, we here at Magic Corn avert that worry and provide you with not only a flavorful experience but also a hassle-free process of enjoying the true joy our product brings.  In any setting whether formal or casual it is the perfect choice for an on the go snack.

Now you can choose between many flavors which can be added to the corn according to your heart’s desire, be it spicy, creamy or sweet. The main attraction of Magic Corn is that it is a 100% natural sweet corn with immense nutritional values and health benefits such as boosting the immune system, controlling diabetes and hypertension and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, taste is not compromised, making people fall in love with our product. The hotness and freshness along with tantalizing aroma of steaming sweet corn is able to rejuvenate people and provide an opportunity for a guilt free snacking treat.  The product is offered in a 100% recyclable Eco-friendly cup in order to protect mother nature.

Healthy Magic Corn in a Cup
Corn in a Table

These facts are what makes Magic Corn a healthier snacking choice,

Non – GMO
No added MSG
No added preservatives
No added sugar
100% natural
Steamed – Not fried
Rich in fiber and vitamins

Our Products

Magic Corn Served for You


+ Sweet Corn, Butter, Salt

Rs 200.00

Spicy Magic Corn Cup


+ Sweet Corn, Butter, Salt, Spicy mix

Rs 200.00

Magic Corn Cup in a Table


+ Sweet Corn, Butter, Salt, Chinese Dressing

Rs 200.00

Cheesy Pepper Magic Corn Cup


+ Sweet Corn, Salt, Pepper, Mayonnaise

Rs 220.00

Cheesy Magic Corn Cup


+ Sweet Corn, Salt, Mayonnaise, Cheese

Rs 250.00

Sausages in Magic Corn Cup


+ Sweet Corn, Sausages, Chinese Dressing

Rs 260.00

Spicy Magic Corn Cup


+ Sweet Corn, Processed Mince Meat, Chinese Dressing

Rs 260.00