Magic Corn Cup

Corn in a Cup - Naturally Healthy...

Magic Corn

With every spoonful, biting into a simple yet, tasteful, spicy, yet sweet snack. We bring to you a delicious cup of magic to tickle your taste buds while ensuring that it contains no artificial accompaniments. Our magic includes a healthy, vibrant ingredient and often unseen for its value and succulent benefits.

Thus, we introduce to you, Magic Corn, a healthy and nutritious snack, loved by all, customized to suit a multitude of combinations. Be it the finest spices, flavorful condiments such as butter, garlic, mayo, cheese, minced chicken, lime and oyster sauce. Selected flavors which are combined by professionals to bring to your unique combinations in a cup never thought to be indulged. At Magic Corn, we wish to bring to you a snack that can be enjoyed confidently pushing away all insecurities on unnecessary fats. Ingredients of the finest quality, balancing a comforting, tingly, spicy and sweet taste.

From 200 LKR to 260 LKR

Magic Corn

7 Different Flavours

Now you can get your favorite cup of corn delivered to your door step through Uber Eats and Pick Me Delivery.

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Magic Corn

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